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What is the Iyengar yoga method?

The Iyengar yoga method is practical, challenging, has therapeutic value, and can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or fitness. Students are encouraged to do the best they can. It has a “no nonsense” approach.

Its methods include physical postures, where emphasis is placed on correctness and precision in the placement and alignment of the body and mind in the various yoga asanas, regulation of the breath (pranayama) and quiet concentration, which leads to a meditative state of mind.

The purpose of yoga is to achieve a balanced, refreshed, and peaceful mental and physical state of being. Through a unique combination of technical precision, the use of specific sequences of postures, by working in the postures for a particular length of time, and with the help of equipment called “props” to assist the student if necessary, the Iyengar method enables the student to improve mental and physical well-being.


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