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What do I wear? What do I need to bring?

  • The most suitable clothing is a T-shirt and leggins, knee length leggins or shorts. What is important is that you can move freely and clothing is not restrictive. Very baggy clothing is also not suitable. Bring socks and a jumper for the relaxing part of the class.

  • Use an anti-perspirant deodorant and have clean feet (yoga is practised in bare feet).

  • You will need to have a yoga mat and blanket. When buying a mat it is best to order a good quality one from www.yogamatters.com (Standard Sticky mat) or www.yogamad.com (Warrior Mat). Later on you may need to buy other things like foam blocks (see picture). For the first few classes you may be able to borrow a mat from Judith.

  • Do not eat a meal before you come to class. Allow 2 hours after a snack or 4 hours after a heavy mealbefore yoga. You will regret it otherwise if there are twists or forward bends to do! Also you will be sleepy and dull. Plan your eating - don't come feeling hungry either or you may feel faint or shaky.

  • Do not drink water during the class. Water bottles should be put away until afterwards. It is not necessary or good for you to continually sip water during yoga practice.


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